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Sal Bayat


The Only Crypto Story You Need?

Matt Levine’s witty and engaging ‘The Crypto Story’ ultimately fails to grasp crypto’s fatal flaw. He comes perilously close to revelation, but frustratingly remains mired in illusions and disinformation that have been internalized by the public.

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The Trial of Satoshi Nakamoto

I have assumed intent based primarily on what has been designed and built, as opposed to the more credulous method of assuming intent based on what someone has said anonymously on the internet. If we are to assume intent at all, we should at the very least be skeptical of those whose actions can only be defended by a claim to ignorance.

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The Strange Case of Nakamoto’s Bitcoin – Part 1

In actuality, categorizing the mother of all crypto as Ponzi or pyramid is an attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole. Bitcoin is neither, it belongs to a new genus of fraud. It has several specific qualities that make it unique, and many others that it shares with known forms of investment fraud, notably Ponzi and pyramid schemes. By carefully examining Bitcoin’s construction and observing its relations with other forms of investment fraud, we can better understand the inner workings of the Nakamoto scheme.

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About Me

I'm a technologist and 15 year veteran of the Telecom industry. I love to build things, and over the course of my career I have had the good fortune to design and work on a wide array of infrastructure projects.

Architecture, Infrastructure, & Mobile

In 2013 I was responsible for the architecture, launch, and operation of Text911, one of the world’s first production deployments of text to 911 services, assisting more than 3 million hearing and speech impaired Canadians.  The service is still in operation today.

I have considerable expertise with systems architecture and the breadth of my experience includes datacenter operations, HA OLTP systems, database clusters, high performance data processing networks, and information security.

As Director of Technology, I managed and grew the technical practice of Canada’s largest messaging aggregator, and in 2018 assisted in the sale of Impact Mobile to the UK based CPaaS provider IMI Mobile.

Digital Identity

In 2020, I left an increasingly consolidated and centralized industry to found CrossConnect a digital identity project enabling reachability. 

The past gives us perspective on the present, and I am particularly interested in the history of Telecom, from telegraph to telephone, and internet to iPhone. 

By looking closely at what’s come before, we are given clues as to what we can build for the future.  The next step in the evolution of networks lay in digital identity and the emancipation of end users and their data.

Governance & The Three Concerns

After being exposed to concepts relating to self-sovereign identity I realized that we were missing frameworks to properly construct digital systems for users who posses inherent rights.  The Three Concerns is an attempt to define and formalize a governance model that balances the interests of economic exchange in digital ecosystems.